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Conditional formulas used in functions such as the IF

Basic Course

  Greater/smaller than or equal to~, greater/smaller than~, equal to~ When using the IF function, we sometimes want to include complicated conditions such as ‘greater than…‘ or ‘smaller than or equal to…’. Let us see how we can define these conditions correctly in the formula.   Example of use) How to use the comparison operator・・・

Change outcome based on one and multiple conditions/IF function

Basic Course

Setting up conditions to change outcome/IF function To change the outcome or result of data according to certain conditions like ‘If ○○, then A, if not ○○, B’, we use the following function. =IF(logical_test, [value_if_true], [value_if_false]) [logical_test] = Input formula describing the condition. [value_if_true] = Input result when the [logical_test] is ‘TRUE’. [value_if_false] = Input・・・

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