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Calculate the variance/VAR, VARP

Basic Course

What is data variance? Variance is a value that shows how “varied” a certain data is, and in mathematics it is used mainly in statistics and probabilities. To calculate the variance, we ① Calculate the average difference for each data ② Square each of the differences ③ Add all calculated values ④ Divide everything by the number・・・

Use functions to automatically distribute training with a capacity based on priority and choices

Basic Course

  Companies and schools organizing training courses carried out in a different institute…   The above situation is common, and when organizing this, someone will have to distribute the employees/students to each group and/or institute. This itself does not seem complicated. However, there are times when there is a certain capacity of the number of・・・

Using the “Pivot Table”

Basic Course

Most people use Excel for the purpose of “data management”. Data management includes data ‘processing’ and ‘analyzing’ (creating tables and calculating values…), and is a crucial skill in the business world. When managing data, the method or way of ‘processing’ data becomes important. There are many ways to process data in Excel and we can・・・

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